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Diamond nano-crystals solve macro-problems in big industries

Thermal Management

Diamond is absolutely dielectric and has the highest thermal conductivity observed; this combination is unique and not found in any other material in nature. Therefore, nanodiamonds having the same properties, is an especially promising component in solving the problem of overheat of active elements in microelectronics. Used as a dielectric diathermic filler, nanodiamonds efficiently enhance material’s ability to dissipate heat. Consequently, using nanodiamonds in pastes, glues and substrates provides an unprecedented opportunity of avoiding burnout and increasing speed of active elements, as well as reducing the size of devices and increasing their reliability and durability.

Insufficient thermal conductivity of existing isolating materials limits further size reduction and frequency increase of active elements in microelectronics, as well as their reliability. Using nanodiamonds as a filler improving heat dissipation in the electronic industry should solve the most painful problem, overheating of active elements.
Ray nanodiamonds being metal free, much purer and more homogeneous have significant advantages for heat dissipators in comparison with detonation nanodiamonds existing today in the market.

Numerous applications include:

  • Thermo-conductive greases
  • Die attach adhesives
  • Heat spreaders for high-power laser diodes
  • Compounds for PCB fabrication
  • Submounts for integrated circuits
  • Substrate material for multi-chip modules

Currently nanodiamonds are making a breakthrough into high power electronics.

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