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Diamond nano-crystals solve macro-problems in big industries


Diamond is a material of extreme mechanical hardness and high chemical stability thus making it the best abrasive. Nanodiamond powder having these properties is widely used in various polishing compositions (pastes, gels and slurries) for obtaining especially smooth surfaces

The quality of any nanodiamond polishing composition depends on the following:

  • Nanodiamond crystal homogeneity (primary particle size and surface chemistry
  • High thermal resistance
  • Uniform particle distribution in matrix of composite material
  • Nanodiamond concentration
  • Wettability

The company produces nanodiamonds by proprietary technology providing high geometric consistency of primary particles and their surface homogeneity.

Polishing products developed based on specific matrix materials which allow high thermal resistance and high particle distribution in the paste.

Using nanodiamond our polishing products allows changing the physics of the polishing process – transition from surface cutting to border friction. This enables obtaining surface roughness of a nmfractions, minimal scratch amount and minimal scratch depth (roughly the size of a singlenanodiamond particle).

Our polishing products come in a wide range of nanodiamond concentration in pastes and slurries allowing an optimal fit to various polishing needs, as well as an ability to supply concentrated additives to professional producers of polishing products.

Numerous applications include:

  • Computer hard discs
  • Lenses, prisms, mirrors, etc. for various optical devices
  • High precision parts made of steel and hard alloys
  • Semiconductor wafers
  • Body implants 
Synthetic Sapphire Window

Sapphire polished with nanodiamond slurry
Roughness: Ra=12.3 A

Silicone wafer

Silicone wafer polished with nanodiamond paste RT-Lap
Roughness: Ra=5.1 A

Diamond plate produced by CVD

CVD diamond polished with nanodiamond paste RT-Lap
Ra=8.7 A

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