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Diamond nano-crystals solve macro-problems in big industries


The project: Production of Advanced Nano Diamond Additives (PANDA) for various industries, science and medicine, is supported by Horizon2020 SME-1 INSTRUMENT program.

The project is aimed to establish a full technological chain for fabrication of highly pure and uniform nanodiamonds and efficient nanodiamond additives for improving existing materials and processes exploiting unique properties of the diamond. The wide range of targeted applications includes polishing and lapping compounds, lubricants, various coating technologies, polymers, thermal conductive materials, catalysts, materials for energy storage (particularly, onion-like carbons produced from ND), radiation resistant composites and diverse biomedical solutions (cancer treatment, early diagnostics, cell imaging, etc.).

RAY’s technology for producing nanodiamonds is based on the laser treating of specially prepared targets containing carbon soot mixed within hydrocarbon media. In contrast to the traditional technology of nanodiamond synthesis by detonation of explosives in metal reactors, Ray’s method is controllable, environment-friendly and non-hazardous. RAY nanodiamonds are of much higher purity than detonation nanodiamonds available today in the market.

Industrial manufacturing of nanodiamonds by RAY technology will lead to significant decrease in the cost, better results in most existing applications and appearance of new nanodiamond applications where the purity and uniformity of nanodiamond powder is of special importance.

Nanodiamonds produced by laser synthesis will be used for industrial fabrication of Advanced ND Additives (ANDA), which, in contrast to non-modified nanodiamonds, can be easily mixed with chosen media and form highly homogeneous ND compounds with improved properties. This new business approach (to supply ready to use ANDA instead of row nanodiamonds with non-controlled surface activity) will enable fast market penetration and strong impact on a lot of technological processes and products, as well as significant breakthroughs in some fields of science and medicine.

The phase 1 of the project aims to choose equipment for PANDA and to develop Business Plan for the phase 2.

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