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Diamond nano-crystals solve macro-problems in big industries

Nanodiamond applications:

Initially, nanodiamonds were applied in the defense industry in Russia, but now they reached into a variety of fields, such as fine polishing, lubricating, coatings and polymers. Currently, nanodiamonds are entering in thermal management, photovoltaics, catalysis, analytical chemistry, energy storage, neutron technologies and bio-medicine.

Current ND applications Prospective ND applications
Lapping and polishing compounds Diagnostics, drug delivery & therapy
Additives to lubricants Neutron reflectors
Polymer compositions Optical filters
Electroplating and anodizing Energy storage
Electroless coatings Protective anti-radiation compounds
Cosmetic product additives Solar energy converters
Thermal greases Thermal adhesives for electronics
Precursor in CVD diamond coatings Advanced ceramics
Catalytic composites High refractive index polymers
Sintering Analytical chemistry
Separation and purification of proteins Quantum computers
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