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Diamond nano-crystals solve macro-problems in big industries

Nanodiamond Additives

Nanodiamonds consist of diamond grain in the core (usually 4 nm in average) and hybrid graphene-like structure with various functional groups on the surface. Controlled interaction between functional groups and other molecules enable to bond them with diamond nano-crystallites, “to transfer” them unique features of diamond and to create new materials and objects with improved properties. However, presently, two main problems limit industrial application of nanodiamonds in most processes: non-constant quality of diamond nano-powders produced by the state-of-the-art technology of detonation synthesis and absence of industrial technologies for nanodiamond disaggregation in various media. Insufficient purity and uniformity of detonation nanodiamonds and wide variability of their surface chemistry cause their diverse behavior in technological processes, which considerably limits the industrial implementation of this unique material.

RAY offers nanodiamond additives of high and constant quality for various products and processes. RAY’s additives are in the form of functionalized powders, slurries in various solvents and customized masterbatches based on diverse polymers. RAY’s additives do not require additional developments for their mixing with other materials.


Available ND Powders & Slurries
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