Ray Techniques Ltd

Diamond nano-crystals solve macro-problems in big industries

Laser Synthesis

Ray’s technology for producing nanodiamonds is based on the laser treatment of specially prepared multicomponent solid target containing carbon black mixed within hydrocarbon media. The target is placed in transparent liquid and pulse laser beam of high energy is focused at some predetermined distance above the target. The shock wave occurs due to the light hydraulic effect in liquid and results in the collecting of carbon atoms in nanocrystals with diamond cubic lattice.

In contrast to the traditional technology of nanodiamond synthesis by detonation of explosives in metal reactors, Ray’s method is controllable, environment-friendly and non-hazardous.

Ray-nanodiamonds are of much higher purity than detonation nanodiamonds available in the market.

Industrial manufacturing of nanodiamonds by Ray’s technology will lead to significant reducing the cost, better results in most existing applications, rapid enhancing of Global Nanodiamond Market and appearance of new nanodiamond applications where the purity of nanodiamonds is of special importance.

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