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Nanodiamond Products for Industry

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5 wt. % nanodiamond isopropyl alcohol colloid (RayND), highly dispersed, for seeding in CVD diamond growth
Highly dispersed & Stable; Average grain size: 4.0-4.5 nm, high photoluminiscence
1 wt.% nanodiamond aqueous sol; additive to inks, polishing slurries, electrolytes, coolants, water soluble polymer resins, etc.
Fiully disaggregated carboxylated nanodiamonds dispersed in TDW, stable
3 wt. % nanodiamond aqueous sol; additive to water-soluble resins, polishing slurries, inks, coolants, sensors, etc.
Hydroxylated & aminated nanodiamonds dispersed in TDW; high stability; high photoluminiscence
5 wt. % nanodiamond 2‐Butoxyethanol colloid; additive to inks, paints, varnishes, herbicides, enamels, defoamers, glues, etc.
Highly dispersed & Stable; Average grain size: 3.5-6.0 nm, high photoluminiscence 
20 wt.% nanodiamond aqua-gel; additive to water-soluble greases, solutions for ultrasonic cleaning & PVD pretreatment
Carboxylated nanodiamonds dispersed in TDW; optimal dilution should be determined
4 wt.% nanodiamond additive to synthetic oils; recommended dilution: finishing: 1/60, running‐in: 1/100, motor oils: 1/125
Based on PAO6; Highly dispersed & Stable; Average grain size: 3.5-6.0 nm
10 wt. % nanodiamond organic-based grease for fine polishing of diamonds, CVD diamond films, optic crystals & ceramics
Alkanolamine‐based, Average grain size: 3.5-6.0 nm, Washed off with aglicerol + water
5 wt. % nanodiamond antiwear grease for lapping, finishing, running-in of gears, engines, generators and precision parts
Polyol-based, stable; average grain size: 3.5-6.0 nm; washed off with water
20 wt.% nanodiamond water-based gel, additive to electrolytes in galvanic coatings for improving wear & corrosion resistance
Water‐based; Recommended dilution 1/40, or 5‐6 g nanodiamonds in electrolyte
Nanodiamond additive to electrolytes for galvanic & electroless coatings improving wear & corrosion resistance of coatings
Functionalized powder; recommended ratio 5-6 g in 1 liter electrolyte
Nanodiamond powder, additive to EP502 & other compatible epoxy resins  
Ratio should be defined by the customer for each application (recommended 0.02 ‐0.3 wt.%)
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