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Diamond nano-crystals solve macro-problems in big industries


Using nanodiamonds in material engineering enables to create novel diamond nano-composites and to improve existing functional materials exploiting the unique properties of diamond including:
– Extreme mechanical hardness 98 GPa {111}
– Highest wear resistance
– Outstanding optical properties
– Wide band gap {300 K}: 5.47 eV
– High refractive index: 2.419
– Highest thermal conductivity: 2300 W/mK
– Very good electrical insulation: 10¹³ ῼcm
– Highest sound propagation velocity
– Chemical and radiation resistance
– Biological compatibility and non-cytotoxity

However, to exploit these unique features of nanodiamonds and create new composite materials with desired properties is not a simple task because of the wide variety of functional groups causing aggregation and defining different behavior of diamond crystallites in same reactions. Therefore, the control of ND dimensions, purity and surface chemistry is highly important for the implementation of this unique material in various fields of science, technology and medicine. Intensive development of new formulations is also important for market penetration of nanodiamonds in industrial scale.

RAY has developed technology for fabrication nanodiamonds of high purity and homogeneity, as well as technology of nanodiamond surface modification enabling disaggregation and uniform distribution of nanoparticles in diverse media. RAY is looking for partnerships for the development of final nanodiamond applications and commercialization of its technology.

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