Ray Techniques Ltd

Diamond nano-crystals solve macro-problems in big industries


Ray Techniques Ltd., an Israeli company, was established in 2009 in Jerusalem with only one goal in mind – to implement a nanodiamond technology developed by the founders and break nanodiamond additives into the Market.

In contrast to other nanocarbons, graphene and Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT), nanodiamonds, firstly found in 1963 and well-studied since then, have been hardly utilized in the industry, though they carry unique properties and performances.

Ray Techniques is involved in an international and domestic research programs aiming at the application of nanodiamonds in diverse fields of industry, energy and medicine. The company participates in international conferences and fairs and publishes results of its research in professional literature and on-line.

The implementation of nanodiamonds in Global Market and the rapid growth of the company are available due to the recent great achievements in nanodiamond research all over the world, advantages of Ray’s technology and the proposed approach for producing easy-to-use Ray’s nanodiamond additives.

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