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Diamond nano-crystals solve macro-problems in big industries


Nanodiamonds are the state-of-the-art material rapidly finding its way into bio-technologies due to the unique combination of properties:

  • Non-cytotoxicity
  • Biocompatibility
  • Chemical stability
  • Tiny size and ability to control the constancy of the nano-size and the shape of agglutinates
  • Large specific surface area and high adsorption potential
  • Presence of surface functional groups and ability to interact with bio- molecules
  • Outstanding photoluminescence

These properties make nanodiamonds highly efficient for various biomedical applications, including drug and gene delivery, protein separation and purification, bio-sensing and single particle imaging in cells.

Ray nanodiamonds, in comparison with nanodiamonds obtained by conventional detonation technology, have
significant advantages for all biological applications:

  • Ray nanodiamonds are purer and is 100% metal and graphite free
  • Ray nanodiamond primary particles have lower size distribution
  • The surface morphology of Ray nanodiamonds primary particles is more homogeneous
  • Ray nanodiamonds have higher photoluminescence
  • Ray nanodiamonds have higher non-cytotoxicity than the best detonation nanodiamonds
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