Ray Techniques Ltd

Diamond nano-crystals solve macro-problems in big industries

Advisory Board


legal advisor of the company, graduated from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Law Faculty; currently he is a founding partner of Ben Yaakov, Ben Yochana, Welcman, Levitman & Co. law firm and notary; experienced in a full range of regulatory and commercial matters, including business development, investment strategy, management, acquisitions, etc.; represents companies at every stage of development; his background in technology, Mathematics and Computer Science, he studied previously, helps him in his work with High Tech companies.


Business Development and Strategy advisor, currently CEO of Sky and Space Global, the first company aimed at the utilization of nano-satellites to build a proprietary communications network; he is finishing his PhD in national security and space programs in Tel Aviv University, Israel; has over 20 years of experience in management and R&D; received the Israel National Defense award in 2009. Meir’s expertise in security, energy and space programs is of great importance to Ray Techniques.


chemistry consultant; PhD in Analytical Chemistry from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; great experience in the development of new polymer nano-composite materials and functional additives, their characterization, performance testing and implementation in industry; participated in numerous EU projects supported by FP6 and H2020 programs. High professionalism, versatile experience in nano-formulations, scientific intuition and extensive connections of Dr. Tsvetkov helps the company in the development of new polymer composites and their promotion to the world market.


the expert in Hematology, Applied Mathematics and Cancer Research, a Medical Doctor at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, took part in several international projects including modeling human ganulopoiesis, chemotherapy-induced myelotoxicity, optimization of the immunotherapy of acute myeloid leukemia and cancer stem cell modeling. Vladimir’s expertise in biological science is very useful for the company for its strategy and practice in the field of nanodiamond biological applications, particularly cancer research and early diagnostics.

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